Download e-book for kindle: A Practical Approach to Microarray Data Analysis by Daniel P. Berrar, Werner Dubitzky, Martin Granzow

By Daniel P. Berrar, Werner Dubitzky, Martin Granzow

ISBN-10: 1402072600

ISBN-13: 9781402072604

The booklet addresses the requirement of scientists and researchers to realize a easy figuring out of microarray research methodologies and instruments. it really is meant for college kids, academics, researchers, and learn managers who are looking to comprehend the state-of-the-art and of the offered methodologies and the parts within which gaps in our wisdom call for extra learn and improvement. The e-book is designed for use by means of the training specialist tasked with the layout and research of microarray experiments or as a textual content for a senior undergraduate- or graduate point path in analytical genetics, biology, bioinformatics, computational biology, information and knowledge mining, or utilized computing device technology.

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A Practical Approach to Microarray Data Analysis by Daniel P. Berrar, Werner Dubitzky, Martin Granzow

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