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By A. M. Hough (auth.), M. H. Unsworth, D. Fowler (eds.)

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There is not any scarcity of basic books with regards to acid rain, or of symposium lawsuits reviewing paintings starting from atmospheric chemistry and deposition tactics to freshwater acidification and results on plants. against this, the gathering of papers from this Workshop is focussed on a way smaller topic, the methods of acid deposition at excessive altitude websites. curiosity in deposition at excessive elevation websites comes mostly from saw vertical gradients within the measure of woodland harm at websites within the Federal Republic of Germany and the japanese usa. those gradients convey that harm to Norway spruce and fir raises with altitude at websites in Bavaria and the Black wooded area, and that crimson spruce are declining at excessive elevation websites within the Appalachian Mountains. With the big scale of medical curiosity in wooded area decline, cany study teams, over the past 5 years, were interpreting atmospheric chemistry, deposition tactics, and results on plants and soils at upland websites. particularly there were many fresh experiences of cloud and precipitation chemistry, which convey a lot better concentrations of all ions in cloud water than in rain or snow. those reports have additionally proven that methods of rainy and dry deposition and in addition the chemistry of the air at hill tops are transformed strongly by way of orographic effects.

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The principal areas of uncertainty in calculating dry deposition at present are therefore: the diurnal variation in deposition rates of gases to vegetation, the nature of the reaction between the gas and the surface, the synergic effects which could occur between different gases, the deposition rates for aerosol particles, and the effect of land use and surface roughness, particularly when these vary over the region of interest. 30 Care should also be exercised when using measured deposition velocities in models, in that it is igportant to determine precisely what has been measured.

1984. Acid deposition in rain over hills. Atmospheric Environment 18, 1905-1908. C. 1986. Deposition of gases and particles on vegetation and soils. In: Air Pollutants and their Effects on the Terrestrial Ecosystems, eds. Legge and Krupa, 189-Z10, Wiley, New York. L. D. 198Z. The free radical chemistry of cloud droplets and its impact upon the composition of rain. J. Geophys. , 87, 4863-4877. -Colbeck, I. M. 1985. Dry deposition of ozone: some measurements of deposition velocity and of vertical profiles to 100 metres.

5 FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS Our future understanding of high altitude chemistry will be improved by progress in three areas: Laboratory measurements, field 39 measurements and model development together with the associated theoretical understanding which is involved. A list of some of the areas of particular importance is given in Table VIII. The emphasis in this list is placed on chemical aspects of our understanding, and the items are deliberately defined in broad terms. Their translation into specific research projects would be a task for a specialist in the individual fields concerned.

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