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By François Maingoval

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ISBN-13: 9782723432627

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De Charlus that had opened my eyes, a revolution as complete, as immediate as if he had been touched by a magic wand. Until then, since I hadn’t understood, I hadn’t seen. Every person’s vice (or so we call it for simplicity’s sake) accompanies him like a genie invisible to humans so long as they are unaware of its presence. Kindness, deceitfulness, names, social contacts will not let themselves be discovered, and we carry them hidden. Odysseus himself did not at first recognize Athena. But gods are immediately perceptible to gods, as like is to like; so M.

Moreover, the recognition itself is immediate, but the scene that describes it is extremely protracted. The episode thus embodies both elements of the avuncular heritage—the immediacy of the present (the instant recognition, the most immediate in the whole Odyssey21) and the importance of postponement as a narrative technique. In this, the longest of the Odyssey’s recognition scenes, we learn how Odysseus got his scar. When Odysseus was born, his maternal grandfather, Autolykos, promised that when he had come of age and was old enough to come visit his grandfather, he would receive many gifts.

As a sort of miniature Telemachiad, the scene deals in a very subtle way with the question of the adolescent Marcel’s identity, both moral and artistic, and more specifically with the relation between the moral or familial element of the avuncular heritage and its aesthetic or narrative component. The entire scene is organized around the question of Marcel’s avuncular heritage, since in the course of the scene we are told of three different family figures that Marcel might resemble: first his mother, then his father, and finally his uncle.

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