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By Robert C. Gallo, Flossie Wong-Staal, Francis Ruscetti (auth.), Clara D. Bloomfield (eds.)

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Where do you start to appear for a up to date, authoritative article at the analysis or administration of a selected malignancy? The few normal oncology textbooks are quite often outdated. unmarried papers in really good journals are informative yet seldom finished; those are extra frequently initial experiences on a really restricted variety of sufferers. yes common journals often put up strong indepth studies of melanoma issues, and pub­ lished symposium lectures are usually the simplest overviews on hand. Unfortu­ nately, those studies and supplementations seem sporadically, and the reader can by no means be certain whilst a subject matter of particular curiosity should be coated. melanoma remedy and study is a sequence of authoritative volumes which objective to fulfill this want. it really is an try to determine a serious mass of oncology literature protecting almost all oncology subject matters, revised usually to maintain the assurance modern, simply to be had on a unmarried library shelf or via a unmarried own subscription. we now have approached the matter within the following style. First, by means of di­ viding the oncology literature into particular subdivisions reminiscent of lung melanoma, genitourinary melanoma, pediatric oncology, and so forth. moment, by way of asking eminent gurus in every one of those components to edit a quantity at the particular subject on an annual or biannual foundation. every one subject and tumor sort is roofed in a quantity showing usually and predictably, discussing present prognosis, staging, markers, all sorts of therapy modalities, easy biology, and more.

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The place do you start to appear for a contemporary, authoritative article at the prognosis or administration of a specific malignancy? The few normal oncology textbooks are commonly old-fashioned. unmarried papers in really good journals are informative yet seldom entire; those are extra frequently initial stories on a truly constrained variety of sufferers.

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J Immun 119: 131-138, 1977. 40 120. Smith KA: T-ceU growth factor. Immuno1 Rev 51:337-357,1980. 121. Ruscetti FW, GaUo RC: Human T-1ymphocyte growth factor: regulation of growth and function of T-Iymphocytes. Blood 57:379-393, 1981. 122. Mier JW, GaUo RC: Purification and some characteristics of human T-ceU growth factor (TCGF) from PH A-stimulated lymphocyte conditioned media. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 77: 6134-6138, 1980. 123. Riddick DH, GaUo RC: The transfer RNA methylases of human lymphocytes: II.

In fact, these very mechanisms have been previously invoked for a possible viral role in human leukemias [76] where type-C viral information is only rarely detected. 4. Bovine Leukemia Seroepidemiologic and transmISSIOn studies on controlled herds have identified a retrovirus, bovine leukemia virus (BLV), as the causative agent of two related lymphoproliferative diseases in cattle: the enzootic form of lymphoid leukemia lymphosarcoma and persistent lymphocytosis. The latter is in itself a benign condition but frequently ends with a lymphosarcoma [77, 78].

32. Varmus HE: Heterogeneity of genetic loci of chickens: analysis of endogenous viral and nonviral genes by cleavage of DNA with restriction endonucleases. Cell 18: 347-359, 1979. Astrin SM: Endogenous viral genes of the white leghorn chicken: common site of residence and sites associated with specific phenotypes of viral gene expression. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 75: 5941-5945, 1978. Cohen JC, Varmus HE: Endogenous mammary tumor virus DNA varies among wild mice and segregates during inbreeding. Nature 278: 418-423, 1979.

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