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By M. C. Flemings, R. Mehrabian (auth.), John J. Burke, Robert Mehrabian, Volker Weiss (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461583004

ISBN-13: 9781461583004

ISBN-10: 1461583020

ISBN-13: 9781461583028

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P. Predecki, A. W. Mellendore and N. J. Grant, Trans. Met. Soc. AlME, 1969, Vol. 233, p. 1581. 4. D. R. Harbur, J. W. Anderson and W. J. Maraman, Trans. Met. Soc. AlME, 1969, Vol; 245, p. 1055. 5. S. D. E. Ramati, G. J. Abbaschian, D. G. Backman and R. Mehrabian, Met. Trans. B, 1978, Vol. 9B, p. 279. 6. S. Hong, D. G. Backman and R. Mehrabian, submitted for publication to Met. Trans. 7. R. C. Ruhl, Mater. Sci. , 1967, Vol. 1, p. 313. 8. P. H. Shingu and R. Ozaki, Met. Trans. A, 1975, Vol. 6A, p.

25 ALUMINUM ilHSR. 0 X/L (a) Figure 4. Calculated temperature distributions during cooling and non-crystalline solidification of splats of aluminum against a copper substrate. T, and To and Tg denote instantaneous and initial aluminum melt and initial copper substrate temperatures, respectively. X/L is fractional distance from the free surface of the aluminum. (from Reference 2). Several attempts have been made to predict critical cooling rates in the liquid during RSP for the formation of non-crystalline structures (8-10).

INTERACTION TIME-SEC Fig. 1 Operational regimes for industrial laser processing. 9000 rrrrrrr--------, N ] ;: I DS~o- . 25 HEAT AFFECTED DEPTH-mm (DEPTH TO WHICH T > 816°C) Fig. 2 Laser heat treating parameters. 48 B. H. KEAR ET AL. 775 33 Fig. IMMI 56 BASE METAL Cross section of transformation hardened grey cast iron. 43 271 Max width -cm Coverage rate -cm2/min LASER PROCESSING OF MATERIALS 49 For the purpose of applying aseparate alloy to a materials surface (surface alloying), provision must be made to pre-place or deliver controlled amounts of the coating material to the interaction zone as the beam traverses over the surface of the workpiece.

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