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In the course of 1941 the Germans occupied first Greece and the previous Yuogslavia, then huge, immense components of ecu Russia. as soon as front line troops had moved at the fight persevered as bands of resistance warring parties waged struggle opposed to the profession forces until eventually their ultimate withdrawal. The time period 'partisan' is linked to Communist-led bands and so they have been frequently the main fanatical defenders of the Soviet realm.

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R Mk Fleet Air Arm SBW- 1 B. 26 delivered as J W1 00/ 1 25. most to No 820 Sqn but rejected for operational use SB2C-1C: first version with 20-mm wing guns. total 778 XSB2C-2: single aircraft (00005) tested September 1942withtwin Edofloats. intended : , . 900-hp (1417kW) R-2600-20. 1 12 SBF-3: fairchild-built SBW-3: m. my other vei SB2C 3; totdl 150 CCF-built SB2C-3. total 4 1 SB2C-3E: SB2C-3 aircraft fitted with APS-4 3-cm radar, over 180 SB2C-4: wing hardpoints for two 500-lb (227 bombs or eight 5-in 1 27-mm) rockets.

World War was the which twin-float seaplanes played a significant part. Of dozens of types used, the biggest and most powerful seaplane used in quantity was the Heinkel He 115. What makes its story even more fascinating is that it saw service not II Germany but RAF. only with British This is last conflict in also with Norway, Sweden, Finland and the despite the fact that the He 115 was, like many con- Though designed as a wartorpedo and bombing missions, temporaries, obsolescent from the start.

This basically resembled the B-series but introduced heavier armament. It had been apparent for some time that two 15s was not adequate defensive firepower for a large aircraft with a MG km/h (167 mph). In early 1940 the V5 prototype was tested with a 20-mm FF cannon aimed by hand from the nose, and one might have thought this, plus a similar cannon aimed by the radio operator, could have provided the answer. What actually happened was that the He 115C-1 went into production with cruising speed of about 270 MG MG MG 151715 fixed under the nose to fire ahead, and two 17 machine-guns were added in the engine nacelles firing directly to the rear.

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