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By John De Graaf, David Wann, Thomas H. Naylor, Redefining Progress (Organization)

ISBN-10: 1576753573

ISBN-13: 9781576753576

According to hugely acclaimed PBS documentaries watched by way of 10 million audience, "Affluenza makes use of the whimsical metaphor of a disorder to take on a really critical topic: the wear and tear performed -- to our wellbeing and fitness, our households, our groups, and the environment -- by way of the obsessive quest for cloth achieve. In cleverly titled chapters like "Swollen expectancies" and "A Rash of Bankruptcies," the authors learn the origins, evolution, and indicators of the affluenza epidemic. but in addition they discover therapies and recommend concepts for rebuilding households and groups and for restoring and respecting the earth.Demonstrating that now, greater than ever, americans desire methods of combating the illness, this version incorporates a new creation and up-to-date figures, provides details at the affects of rigidity and overwork, and gives an in-depth examine campaigns and pursuits providing ideas for modern-day difficulties. attractive, fast moving, and obtainable, it reexamines a major, far-reaching factor for a large viewers.

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However unrelated they may seem, all of these facts—the diverse symptoms of affluenza—are also connected. Much of this book focuses on the United States because its citizens are the world’s most profligate consumers. But what is happening in the United States is clearly beginning to happen elsewhere as the American lifestyle becomes the model for nearly all of the rest of the world. But other countries may have more choice than the United States does. Those in countries where affluenza is not so full-blown an epidemic can keep themselves from greater infection and preserve more balanced lifestyles.

Those in countries where affluenza is not so full-blown an epidemic can keep themselves from greater infection and preserve more balanced lifestyles. We believe there are lessons for every country and every person, rich and poor, to be found in America’s mistakes. The global economy means that all of us are in this together and need to understand and control this disease. SYMPTOMS We have divided the book into three sections. The first explores many of the symptoms of affluenza, each—only half whimsically—compared to a real flu symptom.

Potomac Mills bills itself as the “number-one tourist attraction in Virginia,” with more visitors each year than Shenandoah National Park, the most visited site in the National Park System. The host of Affluenza, Scott Simon, visited Potomac Mills while filming the television program. Shoppers were eager to answer his questions about where they came from and what they thought of the mall. None of the people Simon talked to were sweating profusely. But all seemed infected by shopping fever, often the first symptom of affluenza.

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