Analysis, Networks, Peptides by K. Bode, I. Kuriyama, J.E. Mark, F. Maser, M. Mutter, Y. PDF

By K. Bode, I. Kuriyama, J.E. Mark, F. Maser, M. Mutter, Y. Nakose, A. Odajima, V.N.R. Pillai, J.P. Queslel, H.W. Siesler

ISBN-10: 0387136568

ISBN-13: 9780387136561

ISBN-10: 3540136568

ISBN-13: 9783540136569

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The vibrational spectrum of polyisoprene has been discussed by several authors 196-204) but owing to the lack of data manipulation capabilities before the advent of FTIR spectroscopy discrepancies existed as far as the accentuation and the unambiguous assignment of the crystallinity bands was concerned. To monitor the onset and extent of strain-induced crystallization during the loading procedure the 1126 cm -1 absorption band which has been assigned to a C - - C H 3 in-plane deformation vibration 196,199) and which shows the largest relative increase as a consequence of crystallization was utilized in the present study.

Figure 16a shows the F T I R spectra of the polyethylene film under examination taken with unpolarized radiation and a resolution of 2 cm -1 during uniaxial elongation to 400 ~ strain. The appearance of the 717 cm-~ shoulder can be readily Rheo-Optical Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy 29 accentuated by absorbance subtraction (Fig. 16b). For a more quantitative evaluation this absorption band was isolated by separation of the yr(Ct-I2) band complex (Fig. 17) and the area under the isolated 717 cm -1 absorption band relative to the area of the total band complex was taken as representative of the proportion of transformed modification.

Plot of the structural absorbance ratios AoI126/AoI662versus strain: (a) sulfur-crosslinked natural rubber at 300 K, (b) sulfur-crosslinkednatural rubber at 343 K, (c) radiation-crosslinked synthetic 1,4-cis-polyisopreneat 300 K (closed symbols: elongation, open symbols: recovery) 50 H, W. Siesler In the difference spectrum (Fig. 36c) at least four absorption bands at 1378, 1362, 1126 and 844 cm -1 have been isolated which can be associated with the crystalline phase formed during stretching. The discontinuity in the 1450 cm -1 wave-number region is caused by overabsorption of the 8(CH2) and ~as(CH3) absorption bands in the spectrum of the unstrained sample.

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Analysis, Networks, Peptides by K. Bode, I. Kuriyama, J.E. Mark, F. Maser, M. Mutter, Y. Nakose, A. Odajima, V.N.R. Pillai, J.P. Queslel, H.W. Siesler

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