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By Kathryn Hinds

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But when he returned to Gaul after the second expedition, he found the Celts in open rebellion. They were led by Ambiorix, chief of a tribe in what is now Belgium, whose warriors had destroyed an entire legion. It took Caesar’s forces a year of hard fighting to crush the uprising. In 52 BCE there was an even more serious revolt. Its leader was Vercingetorix, whom Caesar himself described as a man of boundless energy with iron discipline. Vercingetorix was a noble from the Arverni tribe of central Gaul, and he must have had an unusually magnetic personality because he was able to do what almost no Celtic leader before had managed: unite the tribes.

The idea of all these riches drove Brennus and his warriors to endure great [ 32 000000000000000000000000000000 ancient celts ] hardships on their way south—and to be merciless to the people of the towns and villages they passed through. The Greeks fought desperately to stop the Celtic advance. Although they didn’t succeed, they did manage to kill a large number of the enemy. Still, Brennus may have had as many as 30,000 warriors as he finally neared his goal. Delphi was not just one of the wealthiest places of the Greek world, it was also one of the holiest.

Although most people in Gaul (as elsewhere before the modern era) lived in rural areas and worked the land, there were cities. The largest *This harvesting machine was unknown anywhere else in the Roman Empire, and even in Gaul farmers seem to have stopped using it not long after the third century CE. It took till 1831 for the mechanical harvester to be reinvented. [ 44 000000000000000000000000000000 ancient celts ] CELTIC LEADERS SHOWED THEIR WEALTH, INFLUENCE, AND GENEROSITY BY GIVING splendid feasts.

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