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By Drew Karpyshyn

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Features an advantage part following the radical that features a primer at the Star Wars accelerated universe, and over part a dozen excerpts from the most renowned Star Wars books of the final thirty years!

Based at the epic videogame from BioWare and LucasArts


The Sith Empire is in flux. The Emperor is lacking, presumed useless, and an bold Sith lord's try to grab the throne has ended fatally. nonetheless, Darth Karrid, commander of the fearsome Imperial conflict cruiser Ascendant Spear, maintains her relentless efforts to accomplish overall Sith domination of the galaxy.

But Karrid's ruthless choice is greater than matched within the steely unravel of Theron Shan, whose unfinished company with the Empire may well switch the process the warfare for sturdy. even though the son of a Jedi grasp, Theron doesn't wield the Force--but like his well known mom, the spirit of uprising is in his...

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