Atlas of Histopathology of the Cervix Uteri by Dr. Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, Dr. Hemming Poulsen (auth.) PDF

By Dr. Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, Dr. Hemming Poulsen (auth.)

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70- 72) presents similar signs of inflammation (Figs. 70, 71) and occasionally ulceration (Fig. 72). 51 Fig. 68. Subacute ectocervicitis, mild. H & E Fig. 69. Subacute ulcerative ectocervicitis. H & E 52 Fig. 70. Subacute endocervicitis. H & E Fig. 71 . Subacute endocervicitis. H & E, higher magnification 53 In chronic ecto- and endocervicitis rather dense subepithelial infiltrates of predominantly lymphocytes and plasma cells are found, often accompanied by proliferating capillaries and fibroblasts.

When these polyps protrude through the external os, the surface epitheliAs a result of excessive proliferation and um may be replaced by reserve cell hypergrowth pressure the endocervical mucosa plasia (Fig. 66), which can differentiate to frequently protrudes onto the ectocervical squamous metaplasia and finally to mature surface (Fig. 64). Under gestagenic stimu- stratified squamous epithelium. When such lation, epidermization of such an ectropium polyps are completely overgrown by squais usually initiated by reserve cell hyperplasia mous epithelium, they are then classified as ectocervical polyps (Fig.

10). Similar hyperkeratinization follows the stimulatory effects induced by chronic trauma, as in uterine prolapse. Cystic Hyperplasia of the Endocervix Under estrogenic stimulation the epithelial cells of the endocervical glands differentiate and produce mucin, which may become excessive with long-standing unopposed estrogen. Consequently, the glands become cystically dilated with inspissated mucin (Figs. 50-53). Thereby they become closely clustered, and the glandular region enlarges by extending down into the cervical wall.

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Atlas of Histopathology of the Cervix Uteri by Dr. Gisela Dallenbach-Hellweg, Dr. Hemming Poulsen (auth.)

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