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By Alan Burt Akers

For a quick yet amazing second it appeared as though Dray Prescot was once at the street to victory, for he used to be aboard a Vallian send certain for domestic with the key of Vallia's enemies in his ownership. yet Dray, the Earthman despatched to the planet Kregen of the double-star Antares in Scorpio, had now not fulfilled the venture of the unseen big name Lords, and until eventually he did there should be no break out from peril!

And peril got here, within the kind of hideous sea raiders, within the sharp edges of the dueling blades of a swordsman enemy, and within the horrid rites of the underground cult of the Silver Leem.

Dray Prescot's saga has been aclaimed because the most sensible planetary event sequence on account that Burroughs stopped writing approximately Barsoom, and a legion of committed readers will locate that Avenger of Antares holds excessive the normal.

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She reached for the controls. Before she touched them, though, the door slid apart. Standing on the opposite side were five Elites: Two stood shielded by either edge of the door; a third stood centered in the corridor, plasma rifle leveled at the Chief; behind it, the fourth Elite covered the rear of their formation; and one last Elite crouched in front of the door control panel—nose to nose with Polaski. The Chief fired two bursts directly over Polaski's head. His first shots struck the Elite in the middle of the corridor.

Two crates and a duffel pushed through the open access tunnel to the Pelican. Locklear emerged from the opening and sealed the hatch. "That's it, Chief," he said. "An HE Pistol, two extra MA5Bs, one M90 Close Assault Shotgun, and a crate or so of frag grenades. " The Chief took four grenades and a half dozen clips for his assault rifle. He ejected his weapon's nearly spent magazine and slapped a full one into place with a satisfying clack. The Sergeant grabbed ammo, an MA5B, and three grenades.

Three meters. He stretched his arms until the elbow joints creaked and popped; he stretched his hands, willed his fingers to elongate. His fingertips brushed against the smooth surface of the leading cryopod. It slid off and over and touched the second pod. He flexed and failed to grab hold. He scratched the surface of the third and final pod—his middle finger hooked on the frame. His body swung inward, curled, and landed on the pod. He quickly looped his tether through the frame, secured himself to it, and pulled their combined mass back to the Longsword.

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