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Activate the ERASE command enter CP at command line – crossing polygon option pick points in order as Fig. 10(d) then right-click and pick Enter right-click to erase the highlighted objects. Activity Spend some time using the LINE, CIRCLE and ERASE commands and become proficient with the various selection set options for erasing – this will greatly assist you in later chapters. Read the summary and proceed to the next chapter. Do not exit AutoCAD if possible. g. g. LINE 2 The ERASE command can be activated: a) with the ERASE icon from the Modify toolbar b) from the menu bar with Modify-Erase c) by entering ERASE at the command line.

7 A line sequence is terminated with: a) the key b) a mouse right-click and pick Enter c) ‘closing’ the shape with a C 8 The rectangle command is useful, but it is a ‘single object’ and not four ‘distinct lines’. 9 The LINE command can be activated by: a) icon selection from the Draw toolbar b) menu bar selection with Draw-Line c) entering LINE at the command line. It is the user’s preference what method is to be used. qxd 14/06/2002 19:04 Page 52 Chapter 10 Circle creation In this chapter we will investigate how circles can be created by adding several to the squares created in the previous chapter, so: 1 Open you C:\BEGIN\DEMODRG to display the ten squares created in Chapter 9.

Another cross may appear at the selected point and a line will be drawn between the two ‘picked points’. This is your first AutoCAD 2002 object 4 The line command is still active with the rubberband effect and the prompt line is still asking you to specify the next point. 5 Continue moving the mouse about the screen and pick points to give a series of ‘joined lines’. 4 Active Assistance for (a) LINE and (b) CIRCLE. qxd 14/06/2002 19:04 Page 22 22 Beginning AutoCAD 2002 6 Finish the LINE command with a right-click on the mouse and: a) a pop-up menu will be displayed as Fig.

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