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By Ozlem Tastan Bishop

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The quick development of sequencing ideas, coupled with the hot methodologies of bioinformatics to address large-scale facts research, are delivering intriguing possibilities to appreciate microbial groups from various environments, past prior mind's eye. This booklet offers priceless, updated, and certain details on a variety of facets of bioinformatics info research with functions to microbiology. It describes a couple of diversified beneficial bioinformatics instruments, makes hyperlinks to a few wet-lab concepts, and explains varied methods to take on an issue. It additionally talks approximately present demanding situations and barriers, offers examples of purposes of bioinformatics the right way to microbiology, and discusses destiny developments. The chapters comprise issues equivalent to: genome sequencing options * meeting * SNP research * annotation * comparative genomics * microbial neighborhood profiling * metagenomics * phylogenetic microarrays * barcoding * and extra. Bioinformatics and information research in Microbiology is an important e-book for researchers, teachers, and scholars curious about microbiology, bioinformatics, and genome research. every one bankruptcy is written through specialists within the box and is peer-reviewed. [Subject: Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, existence technological know-how]

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The speedy development of sequencing thoughts, coupled with the hot methodologies of bioinformatics to address large-scale facts research, are offering interesting possibilities to appreciate microbial groups from quite a few environments, past earlier mind's eye. This publication presents helpful, up to date, and designated details on a variety of points of bioinformatics facts research with purposes to microbiology.

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Current NGS technologies generate read lengths that sample merely a small fraction of the genome size of most microorganisms. Although it is possible to identify and annotate coding sequence regions and other features of interest on individual reads (as is often done in the context of metagenomics research), there is much to be gained from combining overlapping reads into larger contiguous sequences, or contigs, through a process called sequence assembly. The creation of contigs allows for more accurate and complete annotation of genomic features, and also permits more in-depth analyses of sequence evolution, gene structure, and various other sequence properties and features (see Chapter 4 for further discussion).

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