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By Devarajan Thangadurai, Jeyabalan Sangeetha

ISBN-10: 1482239388

ISBN-13: 9781482239386

ISBN-10: 1771880015

ISBN-13: 9781771880015

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of biotechnology, this publication covers the function of special supply of polymeric nanodrugs to melanoma cells, microbial detoxifying enzymes in bioremediation and bacterial plasmids in antimicrobial resistance. It addresses smooth traits equivalent to pharmacogenomics, review of gene expression, recombinant proteins from methylotrophic yeast, id of novel fermentation inhibitors of bioethanol construction, and polyhydroxyalkanoate established biomaterials. The ebook highlights the sensible software of biotechnology and bioinformatics for bioenergy, construction of excessive price biochemicals, modeling molecular interactions, drug discovery, and customized drugs.

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Our study of HA-Pt NPs formed through anionic polymer-metal complexation between cisplatin and HA, has suggested no significant difference between cisplatin and HA-Pt cytotoxicity in vitro. However, HA-Pt maintains its cytotoxicity in conjugate form, although HA alone did not show any cytotoxic effects up to concentration as high as 10 mg/mL. The noncytotoxic nature of HA could remarkably reduce the systemic cytotoxicity and also enhance the accumulation of cisplatin towards the site of tumor via HA-CD44 receptor-ligand uptake mechanism.

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