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Que savons-nous de l. a. fa? on dont nous apprenons ? Quelle impression les motivations et les ? motions des jeunes ont-elles sur leurs apprentissages ? Dans quelles circonstances le travail en groupe, l'? valuation formative ou les p? dagogies par projet donnent-ils les meilleurs r? sultats ? Qu'en est-il de l'apprentissage ?



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Of these nine, Biri, Wirri, Gangulu and Baradha have all been worked on to some extent by trained linguists; thus they are named, and have both word lists and some grammar to compare. For Mian, Bana, Wangan and Gabalbara no data remains. Note that Gabalbara is suspicious as a tribe name, containing as it does the /-bara/ suffix common to clan names, not tribe names. 1 COMPARING WORD LISTS As almost all of the data available on these dialects was in the form of word lists, the main tool of comparison is identifying and counting percentages of shared lexical items, or potential cognates.

Biri contains classses word changing for devices passives; anti instance for languages: many Australian and complex clause structures. It is likely that these rather complicate d syntactic processes by were gradually forgotten as the language was lost, and by the time Biri was recorded linguists, these phenomena were lost altogether. here-OAT SYNTACTIC EVIDENCE OF LANGUAGE DEATH as The syntactic simplification of complex clause structures has already been discussed ' . fB . . bl these However practices.

There are some instances of reduplication in the data. Unfortunately they are both in a song, for which there is no translation given. The examples are: 30) gambiambi oayu woman-REDUPL lsgS/A gandu M_'s child name (Sharpe 1966-7) I am a woman with a child, M_ K_Iris tripela name ? (Sharpe 1966-7) I am a woman with a child named K_ Iris 31) gala ?

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