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By Seán McGrail

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This can be the 1st e-book to deal comprehensively with the archaeology of rafts, boats, and ships from the Stone Age to Medieval occasions. the entire areas of the area are coated, from Atlantic Europe and the Mediterranean to the Indian Ocean, the China Sea, and the Pacific.

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3100 BC). There are several finds from the late part of this period—mostly iconographic, from Upper Egypt and the eastern desert—which portray the forms of water transport used by the late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age peoples. 3500 BC. A shallow oval dish appears to have a plan-view of a double-ended raft or boat painted on it (Arkell, 1959: fig. i; Landstrom, 1970: fig. 4; Casson, 1971: fig. 3); two other dishes have a chequered framework which Landstrom (1970: 12, figs. 3 and 5) thinks may represent a boat's framework, but his argument is not convincing.

6), 20 EGYPT Landstrom (1970: figs. 30 and 45) and by Mark (1997: figs. 44-8). The high vertically ended vessels have some similarities with the shape of boats depicted on Mesopotamian cylinder seals of the Jamdat Nasr or Uruk periods (Bass, 1972: plate 8; Barnett, 1958: plate 2ia; Arkell, 1959: fig. 3; Mark, 1997: fig. 35), contemporary with the Egyptian Naqada 2 and 3 phases. This has led some authors to suggest that the representations found in Egypt depict a Mesopotamian type of vessel, and that, taken together with other evidence of Mesopotamian/Egyptian contact—certain pottery types, a few cylinder seals, some artistic motifs, to quote O'Connor (19804: 129)—this may indicate that the origin of the Egyptian state was due to intrusions by Mesopotamians.

I TYPES OF WATER TRANSPORT As James Hornell observed (19460), a seemingly boundless variety of 'devices' have been, and are being, used by Man in his encounter with the waters of the world. Since no early forms of water transport were mass-produced, in the ultimate analysis, each individual raft or boat is different from all others. Some sort of classification scheme is therefore needed to bring order into what at first sight may seem to be nearchaos. By such means scholars around the world can be sure that they are discussing similar forms of water transport.

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