Britain, the United States and the Mediterranean War, by Matthew Jones PDF

By Matthew Jones

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An exam of the controversies and disputes produced among Britain and the USA by way of their joint involvement within the Mediterranean theatre through the moment international conflict. research of the evolution of Allied process towards the Mediterranean is placed along a attention of the behavior of army campaigns and the command constructions that followed them. The political tensions permeating Anglo-American kinfolk, and the $64000 function performed the following via Harold Macmillan, also are mentioned to supply a whole photo of the issues confronted by means of the alliance.

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55 Moreover, the Americans felt that they had been forced into a course of action, as in 1942, that was drawing them further away from the cross-Channel invasion that lay at the centre of their strategic goals for the European theatre, a policy which could cause problems with public opinion (polling showed that Japan was still considered the main enemy). Wedemeyer complained: ' ... we lost our shirts and are now committed to a subterranean umbilicus operation in mid-summer. '56 The Americans could not fail to compare the shortcomings of their own approach to the professional manner of the British, who had gone to the trouble of bringing a large communications ship to Casablanca to act as a kind of central registry for their planners.

It was quickly seen by the Joint Planning Staff in London that the capture of ports and airfields in Tunisia was essential in order to forestall any Axis intervention via Sicily - hence ideally landings would have to be made as far east as possible. Eisenhower was prepared to accept the advice of the JPS and his original outline plan called for landings at Bone, Strategy and Command. from 'Torch' to Sicily 29 Algiers. Oran, and Casablanca. The landing at Casablanca was a vital insurance against any Spanish move to close the Straits of Gibraltar, which would isolate the invasion forces inside the Mediterranean.

He would deal with Italy by way of concentrated bombing .... He would keep the bulk of Anderson's army in Tunisia as a threat and move a lot of Montgomery's army, when they had cleared up Rommel, to Syria as encouragement to the Turks .... At the other end he would pour American troops into England, continue the bombing of Germany ... and prepare for a landing on the Brest Peninsula, which he hoped we might be able to do ... by Apri1. 45 When the JCS forwarded their views on future strategy to the British at the end of December, they put the emphasis back on the Allies 40 Britain, the United States and the Mediterranean War taking the strategic offensive in north west Europe in 1943, in many respects reverting to Marshall's original strategic concept of April.

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