Cactus And Succulent Plants: Status Survey And Conservation by IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group, Sara PDF

By IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group, Sara Oldfield

ISBN-10: 2831703905

ISBN-13: 9782831703909

Found in a number of types, cacti and different succulents have elicited frequent curiosity and super attractiveness around the world. even supposing the topic of a certain quantity of discussion, approximately 10,000 species are famous as belonging to the succulent team. of those, an anticipated 2,000 are threatened with international extinction within the wild and lots of extra are locally or nationally threatened ordinarily because of habitat destruction and assortment for overseas trade.This motion Plan brings jointly from world wide present info on inhabitants prestige, threats and conservation of this fairly very important team of crops. ready with conservationists, scientists, governments, secure zone managers and grant-awarding our bodies in brain, it indicates priorities for motion and encourages collaboration between events in any respect degrees.

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There is also a high number of epiphytic species from tribe Rhipsalideae, whose habitat is shrinking through deforestation, as in eastern Brazil. Smaller, but nevertheless important, centres of savanna in Haiti. Threats endemism include the Caribbean region with northern South America (north Venezuela, north and west Colombia and Panama), where the most notable genera with endemic species are Melocactus with 9 and Cereus with 5, and central to north-western Chile (especially the western edges of the Atacama Desert), where an isolated flora has developed.

Leach worked on the species 25 Indo-australian and Pacific species. The latest investigation was by Nyananyo (1987) who again confined himself to selected species. A group of portulacas restricted to Australia, Africa, and some areas in between is currently under investigation by Gilbert and West. Several papers have been published concerning the status of single species. The infrageneric classification as well as the delimitation of species remain unresolved. Concerning the systematic position of the endemic African and Madagascan genera Calyptrotheca, k-aria, Portulacaria, and Talinella and the small genera Hectorella and Lyallia (sometimes segregated under the name Hectorellaceae) several papers have been published by Nyananyo (1986a, b, c, 1989, 1990).

The range in habit is very wide from trees and shrubs, to succulent-stemmed herbs. They are found in abundance throughout the drier regions, from Angola eastwards to Mozambique, and northwards through East Africa to Ethiopia and Somalia, with a few peripheral representatives in the Arabian Peninsula and West Africa, including the Canary Islands, as well as in southern Africa and those tree species already mentioned in India and Threats Throughout these tropical regions, the greatest danger to the survival of all these species lies in habitat destruction for spreading agriculture, for charcoal burning, or in Somalia especially, by overgrazing.

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Cactus And Succulent Plants: Status Survey And Conservation Action Plan by IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group, Sara Oldfield

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