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T A R G E T USERS 1 Drawing office and mechanical engineers MODE 1 1 1 PROGRAM LANGUAGE I Fortran I YEAR OF FIRST PROGRAM VERSION 1 Interactive EASE OF USE 1 Menu driven w i t h prompting, and a macro programming 1 language OUTPUT Drawings and reports showing where parts are used, bills of material, parts lists, single and multi-level part lists I I INPUT Through the drafting module or manually OPERATING E N V I R O N M E N T SUPPORTED/SUPPLIED SOFTWARE C O N F I G U R A T I O N Aegis, PNX and VMS HARDWARE SUPPORTED/SUPPLIED CUSTOMER SUPPORT OFFERED A p o l l o , ICL Perq and DEC VAX 24 hour telephone link TRAINING 1 An initial training course is inclusive of the cost DOCUMENTATION User and reference manuals NUMBER OF USERS APPLICATION FIELDS 100 + Mechanical and schematic drafting, solid and surface modelling and engineering records management I I USER COUNTRIES STATUS OF SUPPLIER GEOGRAPHIC A R E A SERVED Worldwide OTHER SUPPLIERS I Contact CADCentre service desk for full details PRICE CAD International Directory 1986 TERMS OF SUPPLIERS ELSEWHERE 61 SOFTWARE NAME OF PROGRAM DOGS NAME OF COMPANY Alper Systems Ltd 1 PROGRAM DESCRIPTION A N D FUNCTION General purpose 2D design/drafting system w i t h interfaces to other CAD packages.

TARGET USERS 1 Engineering, production in mechanical engineering MODE 1 Interactive EASE OF USE 1 Menu driven 1 PROGRAM LANGUAGE Machine code output from concurrent Pascal I YEAR OF FIRST PROGRAM VERSION 1983 OUTPUT Graphics and NC/CNC code INPUT 1 Screen graphics OPERATING E N V I R O N M E N T SUPPORTED SOFTWARE C O N F I G U R A T I O N SUPPORTED HARDWARE SUPPORTED CUSTOMER SUPPORT OFFERED Support is offered TRAINING 1 1 on site, 5 day course included in price and 6 months on site I application support also included in price DOCUMENTATION Documentation is provided NUMBER OF USERS APPLICATION FIELDS 300 Mechanical engineering USER COUNTRIES I USA, Canada, U K , France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, I Japan and Australia STATUS OF SUPPLIER GEOGRAPHIC A R E A SERVED 1 I developer OTHER SUPPLIERS PRICE TERMS OF SUPPLIERS ELSEWHERE I Minimum system for 2D drafting and A3 plotter costs £13 000 CAD International Directory 1986 65 SOFTWARE NAME OF PROGRAM EUCLID NAME OF COMPANY Matra Datavision (UK) Ltd PROGRAM DESCRIPTION A N D FUNCTION The Euclid system offers a computer integrated engineering system encompassing conceptual design, detailed design, schematics, drafting, engineering records, 21/2 - 5 axis numerical control, technical illustrations, sheet metal design and punching, kinematics and mechanical properties.

TARGET USERS PROGRAM LANGUAGE Design departments Fortran MODE YEAR OF FIRST PROGRAM VERSION 1 Interactive EASE OF USE OUTPUT Menu, tablet and application program control Plots, graphics, management information, interface to GNC, machining paths (CL data) INPUT Menu, tablet, IGES OPERATING E N V I R O N M E N T SOFTWARE C O N F I G U R A T I O N VAX VMS; IBM Single and multi-user HARDWARE 1 DEC VAX range and extensive range of graphics terminals TRAINING 1 Courses include: 5 days basic; 5 days advanced; 5 days application 1 programming and 5 days machining CUSTOMER SUPPORT OFFERED Telephone support during office hours DOCUMENTATION User manuals 1 NUMBER OF USERS APPLICATION FIELDS | 50 Mechanical engineering 1 STATUS OF SUPPLIER GEOGRAPHIC A R E A SERVED 1 licensed sole distributor in UK UK USER COUNTRIES Europe OTHER SUPPLIERS Kongsberg Vapenfabrik, Kongsberg, Norway PRICE 52 TERMS OF SUPPLIERS ELSEWHERE CAD International Directory 1986 SOFTWARE NAME OF PROGRAM CEADS MACRO DESIGN NAME OF COMPANY CSC (UK) Ltd PROGRAM DESCRIPTION A N D F U N C T I O N Ceads Macro is a parametric drafting and design system w i t h links to Ceads CAD interactive system.

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