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In the course of 1941 the Germans occupied first Greece and the previous Yuogslavia, then huge, immense components of ecu Russia. as soon as front line troops had moved at the fight endured as bands of resistance combatants waged conflict opposed to the profession forces till their ultimate withdrawal. The time period 'partisan' is linked to Communist-led bands and so they have been frequently the main fanatical defenders of the Soviet realm.

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German Strategy Controversyoverstrategy also afflicted theGerman High Command. A lengthy debate over whether to defend the Italian peninsula south of Rome along its narrowest part or along a moreextended line in theNorthern Apennines had finally been resolved by the German head o f state, Adolf Hitler, 3Matloff, Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare, in favor of the advocate of the first 1943–44, pp. 378-387. See also Arthur Bryant. proposition, Generalfeldmarschall AlTriumph in the West ( N e w York: Doubleday, 1959), p.

Zones,thatthey hadconstructed across Withsteepbanksand swift-flowing the peninsula from Ortona on the currenttheRapido was a formidable Adriatic to the mouth of the Garigliano River on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Along the river’s west Gustav. 1 Crossing Italy at its narrowest, bank stretched a thick andcontinuous the line incorporated some of the best network of wire, minefields, pillboxes, defensive terrain on the peninsula. It and concrete emplacements. Between extended almost a hundred miles Cassino-Sant’Anthe Rapido andthe northward to the Adriatic coast, which gelo road, the Germans had dug many it reached at a pointsome two miles slit trenches,somedesigned to accomnorthwest of Ortona.

26 Leese dividedhisattackinto two phases,the first aimed at the Gustav Line and the second aimed at the Hitler Line. during theopeningphase,the Polish corps was to isolate Monte Cassino from the north and northwest anti therebydominate Highway 6 to facilitate the advance of the 13 Corps, fighting its way south of the highway from the Rapido. Only after the latter corps had gained control of the highway were the Polesto attempt to storm and capture the monastery itself.

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