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In these cases, the level of expertise in that more narrow set of responsibilities would be expected to be much higher. Network administrators may also be called system administrators, local area network (LAN) administrators, and other variations on that theme. Typically, you should have several years’ experience performing network-related duties with a similar network for this job. Certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate/Expert/Master (MCSA/MCSE/MCSM), one of the appropriate Cisco certifications, or one of the appropriate CompTIA certifications can reduce the amount of experience that an employer will require.

This might be a very dry topic, but it’s important to learn! The OSI model defines a basic framework for how modern networks operate. It separates the methods and protocols needed for a network connection into seven different layers. Each higher layer relies on services provided by a lower layer. If you were to think about a desktop computer in this way, its hardware would be the lowest layer, and the operating system drivers—the next-higher layer—would rely on the lowest layer to do their job.

Over a complex network such as the Internet, a packet might go through ten or more routers before it reaches its destination. On a LAN, a packet might not go through any routers to get to its destination, or it might go through one or more. Note that breaking the network layer (also known as the packet layer) into a separate layer from the physical and data-link layers means the protocols defined in this layer can be carried over any variations of the lower layers. So, to put this into real-world terms, an IP packet can be sent over an Ethernet network, a Token Ring network, or even a serial cable that connects two computers.

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