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Tales from the "Forgotten War". This legitimate historic quantity from the USA military compiles debts of a number of diverse small-unit infantry activities from Chosin Reservoir to Chipyong-Ni to Bloody Ridge and Million-Dollar Hill. The Korean warfare from the grunt's standpoint. [Illustrated]

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8–11 August 1950; 24th Infantry Division: periodic operations report No. 36, 112400 August 1950. 6. Unless otherwise noted, all information about the combat action was obtained from Capt. Edward L. Shea (the platoon commander at the time of the action) 30 Combat Actions in Korea and First Sgt. Roy E. Collins (the platoon sergeant on 13 August 1950), in interviews by the author. 7. Statement by Lieutenant Schiller in first draft of this account, OCMH files. 8. Morning reports of Company A, 34th Infantry, 14–20 August 1950.

9 ★ DISCUSSION While the American soldier is typified by courage, he is, at the same time, universally marked as an impulsive, intelligent individualist. Thus it is that strong leadership and guidance are necessary to weld a group of American soldiers into a singular unit of specific purpose. Without this directing strength at command level, each in the group will nobly carry on in his own merry way; and though the individual conduct of each might be highly commendable, the unit’s mission can end in complete failure.

Alfonso then lined up the 1st Platoon behind an embankment on the high ground and assigned to it the mission of firing at any enemy interference, and especially to silence the enemy machine gun, if it fired. Under the protection of the 1st Platoon’s base of fire, the 2d Platoon would dash along the 500-yard-long ridge. Once the 2d was in the saddle, the 3d Platoon would follow and reinforce it. Sergeant Gibson lined up his four squads in the order they were to leave. He planned to follow the 2d Squad.

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