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A program gets more readable and easier to debug if special usage patterns of data structures are made explicit. Simple interfaces also allow a wider range of implementations. In particular, the simplicity of stacks and queues allows for specialized implementions that are more space efficient than general Lists. We will elaborate this algorithmic aspect in the remainder of this section. In particular, we will strive for implementations based on arrays rather than lists. Array implementations may also be significantly faster for large sequences because sequential access patterns to stacks and queues translate into good reuse of cache blocks for arrays.

C++ deques also allow constant time indexed access using [·]. 6 Further Findings 57 for unbounded stacks, and FIFO queues implemented via linked lists. It also offers bounded variants that are implemented as arrays. ] ⇐= Java The util package of the Java 2 platform provides Vector for unbounded arrays, LinkedList for doubly linked lists, and Stack for stacks. ] ⇐= Many Java books proudly announce that Java has no pointers so that you might wonder how to implement linked lists. The solution is that object references in Java are essentially pointers.

Although this sounds paradoxical, we will see that it can make perfect sense. Hash table accesses are among the most time critical parts in many computer programs. For example, scripting languages like awk [2] or perl [95] use hash tables as their only data structures. , strings. Compilers use hash tables for their symbol table that associates identifiers with information about them. Combinatorial search programs often use hash tables to avoid looking at the same situation multiple times. For example, chess programs use them to avoid evaluating a position twice that can be reached by different sequences of moves.

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