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By Jamgon Kongtrul, Sarah Harding

ISBN-10: 0861713125

ISBN-13: 9780861713127

Jamgon Kongtrul, a grasp practitioner and considered one of Tibet's so much prolific writers, composed this article as a advisor to the potent perform of tantric Buddhist meditation. Written within the form of the Tibetan songs of attention, the textual content leads a fashion alongside a transparent direction of meditative self-transformation. This revised and up-to-date version of Creation and Completion encompasses a statement by way of Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.

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The tradition of examining and analyzing the mental process has been a mainstay of Buddhist practice since its inception. It is sometimes referred to as Buddhist psychology. In this text the discussion centers on the eight aggregates of consciousness, 51 a model of the perceptive process that emerged during the development of the Mahayana. The purpose of the detailed analysis is for the meditator to be able to recognize and interfere in the process at just that precise point before mental events imprint on the foundation consciousness and become karmicly effective.

J1? ~ ¢q ~. ~ a ~ 2.! J! e . J! 1!! 2 1!! 2.! ~ . - -~ 1!! -94• 2.!? d! Ji~A~ dl ~ ]' ~ A 2.! s ~ ~ Jil? 11! - :-":\ fit ~ ~~~~ ~ t . l:l ~_;; ~ 2.!? 21 . J1i! 1!! m ~ 1! ~ tli ~• 1! l:l . A 1! :rl -~ ~ :s a· t ~ ~ q.. ~· ~ ~ The Essential Points of Creation and Completion The basis of purification, which is this very buddha nature, abides as the body, with its clear and complete vajra signs and marks. A similar form is used as the path and leads to the fruition of purification: that very divine form that existed as the basis.

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