Download PDF by D. B. Calne D.M., F.R.C.P, J. K. Kebabian (auth.), Prof. Dr.: Current Topics in Extrapyramidal Disorders

By D. B. Calne D.M., F.R.C.P, J. K. Kebabian (auth.), Prof. Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Prof. Dr. Kurt Jellinger, Doz. Dr. Peter Riederer (eds.)

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Data published by Hartley and Seeman [6] are consistent with the existence of 2 sets of sites in bovine caudate. The fact that a single molecular species, spiroperi dol, may bind primarily to dopaminergic sites in the striatum [7] and serotonergic sites in the frontal cortex [8] suggests that existence of flexibility and/or multi-specificity in individual receptor sites themselves. A racemic mixture of the butaclamols is a potent competitive inhibitor of spiroperidol binding; the (+ )isomer has been found to be a thousand times more active than its enantiomers in the striatum and several hundred times more active in the frontal cortex [9].

7) and it is weaker in the substantia nigra than in the pallidum (Figs. 7, 10). A review of the literature reveals that the autoradiographic procedure has not been extensively applied to the study of the striatofugal pathways. As a matter of fact the only studies based on autoradiography and dealing with the projections of the striatum, to our knowledge, are those of Nagy et al. (1978) and Tulloch et al. (1978) in the rat and Nauta (1974) in the cat. The former two groups reported the presence of silver grains over the corresponding pallidum, entopenduncular nucleus and the pars reticulata and, to a much lower extent, the pars compacta of the SN following unilateral injection of 3H-leucine in the head and body of the caudate nucleus.

Europ. J. Pharmacol. 5, 107-110 (1968). Authors' address: Dr. K. G. , 31, Avenue P. V. Couturier, F-92220 Bagneux, France. Journal of Neural Transmission, Suppl. 16, 45-51 (1980) © by Springer-Verlag 1980 Spiroperidol Binding in the Human Caudate Nucleus M. H. Winkler, S. Bed, W. O. , and M. D. A. With 2 Figures Summary The displacement of spiroperidol binding by the optical isomers of butaclamol in synaptosomal preparations of the caudate nucleus obtained from parkinsonians and non-parkinsonians at post mortem were investigated.

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Current Topics in Extrapyramidal Disorders by D. B. Calne D.M., F.R.C.P, J. K. Kebabian (auth.), Prof. Dr. Arvid Carlsson, Prof. Dr. Kurt Jellinger, Doz. Dr. Peter Riederer (eds.)

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