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By Mark W. Humphries, Michael W. Hawkins, Michelle C. Dy

ISBN-10: 0130809020

ISBN-13: 9780130809025

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Programming Precept Each function should do only one task, but do it well. Ramana Murthy Khammam 16 Chapter 1 • Programming Principles That is, we should be able to describe the purpose of a function succinctly. If you find yourself writing a long paragraph to specify the preconditions or postconditions for a function, then either you are giving too much detail (that is, you are writing the function before it is time to do so) or you should rethink the division of work. The function itself will undoubtedly contain many details, but they should not appear until the next stage of refinement.

3 • Programming Style variables side effects 17 In addition to its parameters, a function uses other data objects that generally fall into one of the following categories. ➥ Local variables are defined in the function and exist only while the function is being executed. They are not initialized before the function begins and are discarded when the function ends. ➥ Global variables are used in the function but not defined in the function. It can be quite dangerous to use global variables in a function, since after the function is written its author may forget exactly what global variables were used and how.

In this book, we shall use reference variables for output parameters. In contrast, C programmers need to simulate reference variables by passing addresses of variables to utilize output parameters. Of course, the C approach is still available to us in C++, but we shall avoid using it. ➥ Inout parameters are used for both input and output; the initial value of the parameter is used and then modified by the function. We shall pass inout parameters by reference. 3 Consult a C++ textbook for discussion of call by reference and reference variables.

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