New PDF release: Dermal Exposure Related to Pesticide Use. Discussion of Risk

By Richard C. Honeycutt, Gunter Zweig, Nancy N. Ragsdale

ISBN-10: 0841208980

ISBN-13: 9780841208988

ISBN-10: 0841211043

ISBN-13: 9780841211049

content material: Percutaneous absorption : interpretation of in vitro facts and hazard evaluate / C.G. Toby Mathias, Robert S. Hinz, Richard H. man, and Howard I. Maibach --
Transdermal absorption kinetics : a physicochemical technique / Richard H. man, Jonathan Hadgraft, and Howard I. Maibach --
In vitro equipment for the percutaneous absorption of insecticides / Robert L. Bronaugh --
Radiotracer methods to rodent dermal reviews / G.J. Marco, B.J. Simoneaux, S.C. Williams, J.E. Cassidy, R. Bissig, and W. Muecke --
Dermal dose-cholinesterase reaction and percutaneous absorption reviews with a number of cholinesterase inhibitors / James B. Knaak and Barry W. Wilson --
using monkey percutaneous absorption reports / Robert B.L. Van Lier --
box reports : equipment evaluation / H.N. Nigg and J.H. Stamper --
publicity of applicators to monosodium methanearsonate and cacodylic acid in forestry / L.A. Norris --
publicity of strawberry harvesters to carbaryl / Gunter Zweig, Ru-Yu Gao, James M. Witt, William J. Popendorf, and K.T. Bogen --
software publicity to the house gardener / David A. Kurtz and William M. Bode --
tracking box applicator publicity to insecticides / T.L. Lavy and J.D. Mattice --
Methyl parathion residue in infected materials after laundering / Joan Laughlin, Carol Easley, and Roger E. Gold --
Pesticide float and quantification from air and floor functions to a unmarried orchard web site / G.B. Maccollom, W.W. Currier, and G.L. Baumann --
publicity of applicators and mixer-loaders throughout the program of mancozeb by way of airplanes, airblast sprayers, and compressed-air backpack sprayers / Ralph O. Mumma, Gordon A. Brandes, and Charles F. Gordon --
Inhalation publicity of grain samplers and grain inspectors to carbon tetrachloride / Howard M. Deer, Charles E. Mcjilton, Phillip ok. Harein, and Wilfred Sumner --
Inhalation publicity of museum group of workers to ethylene dichloride-carbon tetrachloride fumigant / Terry D. Spittler, John B. Bourke, Paul B. Baker, and George W. Helfman --
Dermal and respiration publicity of applicators and citizens to dichlorvos-treated flats / Roger E. Gold and Terry Holcslaw --
Subterranean termite regulate : chlordane residues in soil surrounding and air inside of homes / R.B. Leidy, C.G. Wright, H.E. Dupree, Jr., and T.J. Sheets --
Paraquat : a version for measuring publicity / J.M.R.S. Bandara, %. Kearney, P.G. Vincent, and W.A. Gentner --
Applicator publicity to insecticides utilized to turfgrass / R.P. Freeborg, W.H. Daniel, and V.J. Konopinski --
power publicity within the program of insecticides to orchard and box vegetation / Terry D. Spittler and John B. Bourke --
the opportunity of applicator-worker publicity to insecticides in greenhouse operations / Acie C. Waldron --
Advances within the unified box version for reentry dangers / William J. Popendorf --
Data-base suggestion to be used in predicting mixer-loader-applicator publicity / David R. Hackathorn and Delmont C. Eberhart --
Dermal publicity to insecticides : the Environmental security Agency's standpoint / Joseph C. Reinert and David J. Severn --
box employee publicity : the usefulness of estimates in keeping with commonplace facts / Richard C. Honeycutt --
review of fluorescent tracer technique for dermal publicity evaluation / Richard A. Fenske, John T. Leffingwell, and Robert C. Spear --
protecting garments and its importance to the pesticide person / Richard V. Moraski and Alan P. Nielsen --
protecting clothing study / Jacquelyn O. Dejonge, Elizabeth P. Easter, Karen okay. Leonas, and Ruth M. King --
Minimizing pesticide publicity danger for the mixer-loader, applicator, and box employee / Acie C. Waldron --
Occupational publicity to insecticides and its function in danger evaluation approaches utilized in Canada / Claire A. Franklin --
threat overview of extra pesticide publicity to staff in California / K.T. Maddy, R.G. Wang, James B. Knaak, C.L. Liao, S.C. Edmiston, and C.K. wintry weather --
using publicity reports in possibility evaluation / James T. Stevens and Darrell D. Sumner --
evaluate of farmworker chance from organophosphate-induced behind schedule neuropathy / Barry W. Wilson, Michael Hooper, Edward Chow, James N. Seiber, and James B. Knaak --
Pesticide flow : toxicological and social results / James M. Witt.

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3. , New York, NY) enhanced by 3-fold the skin permeability to cinnamyl anthranilate; the cortisone permeation determined simultaneously i n the dual-label experiment was not altered. When full-thickness rat skin was used, no increase i n cinnamyl anthranilate absorption was obtained with the oleth 20, indicating the importance of removing most of the dermal t i s s u e . The optimal concentration of oleth 20 was 6%. A 5-fold increase i n cinnamyl anthranilate permeation was obtained without a l t e r i n g the permeation of the cortisone c o n t r o l .

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Rahway, NJ, 1976, 9th ed. 17. , Arch. Environ. Health 1971, 23, 208-11. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1985. 41 4 Radiotracer Approaches to Rodent Dermal Studies 1 1 1 1 2 G. MARCO ,B. SIMONEAUX ,S. WILLIAMS ,J. BISSIG ,and W. , Basel, Switzerland 2 With emphasis o use of radiotracer studies are discussed. A multi-tiered experimental strategy is proposed containing judgement points providing skin absorption, tissue depletion and animal excretion rates in a cost effective manner.

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