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By Marc McCutcheon

ISBN-10: 0816079463

ISBN-13: 9780816079469

ISBN-10: 1438129742

ISBN-13: 9781438129747

This can be the booklet to exploit while searching for a descriptive or technical time period or if you comprehend the topic or that means yet no longer the categorical notice. it's a smart blend of a opposite dictionary and a glossary, with millions of descriptions of phrases prepared into topic different types and sub-categories.What do you name the reference of selection for these maddening moments for those who comprehend what it's, yet no longer what its referred to as? A Descriptionary, after all! this useful booklet offers millions of definitions equipped thematically instead of alphabetically. a good reference for writers, scholars, lecturers, crossword puzzle buffs, or any lover of language.

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Hecatonstylon a building with 100 columns. marigold window a round window with radiating header a brick or stone laid so that its head or short herringbone pattern masonry work laid in a zig- mullions. Also known as a rose window. zagging fashion. marquetry wood inlay work. hexastyle having six columns. mezzanine a partial floor level between two main levels in a building; an extended balcony or gallery. hip the angle formed at the junction of two sloping roofs. hip roof a roof having four sloping sides instead of two.

Papilionidae the butterfly family of swallowtails, recognized by their spectacular colors, and with wings shaped like a swallow’s. hawk moth a family of medium to very large moths with robust bodies, narrow wings without ocelli, long probosci, and a hovering flight similar to a bird. Also known as sphinx moths or hummingbird moths. female. Hesperiidae the butterfly family of skippers. Pieridae the butterfly family of whites, sulfurs, and hind wing the back wing, attached to the meta­ thorax. instar in the larval stage, the period between molts.

Includes castle weaponry, castle staffing, and related subjects) castellum a fort surrounded by a village or a fortified town. catapult one of several types of siege engines used alcazar a Spanish fortress or castle. to launch such projectiles as rocks and firebombs onto or over castle walls. alure a gallery or passage along the parapets of a cesspit a pit that receives waste from a garderobe. castle. arbalest a medieval crossbow used to shoot arrows. Also, a large bow mounted on a stand to launch darts, lances, or metal bolts.

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